John Barge, Candidate for State School Superintendent, Criticizes Incumbent for Being a “Political Opportunist” and Putting Politics Above Safety Of Children.

ATLANTA — Dr. John Barge, candidate for State School Superintendent, criticizes the current State School Superintendent, Richard Woods,  over being a “political opportunist” and putting politics above the safety of children.

During the last legislative session, many parents and activist groups including Protect Student Health and Family Policy Alliance brought up dozens of obscene examples found in Georgia schools during committee hearings. Many of the legislators were uncomfortable hearing and seeing the material, which brought up the point: Why should we be giving this to kids if we’re uncomfortable just hearing examples? “Obscene” is already defined in Title 16 of the Georgia code.

“I worked this past session in support of the bills that would ban obscene material in our schools. I wrote a letter to committee members in support of HB 516, knowing that our children’s safety should come first,” Dr. Barge strongly stated. “Richard Woods is only a political opportunist who hadn’t tweeted in 605 days and had never cared about the issue of obscene materials in our schools until he realized he had a primary opponent. I was approached by many parents who had met with Woods and tried to show him what was in the schools, begging for his help. He chose to look the other way – because it wasn’t an election year. I’m glad he’s finally seeing the importance of protecting young minds from pornographic material – even if he could’ve done something about it months ago when it was first brought to his attention.”

Attached below is the letter Dr. Barge sent to all committee members in support of legislation to ban obscene materials in our schools.  SEE ATTACHED 

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